Comvergent Announce Enhanced Design and Acquisition Services

As a result of joining the Solutions 30 group, Comvergent are excited to enhance their acquisition and design offering by bringing significant, untapped resource to the UK market.

Leveraging Solution 30’s experience in fixed and wireless network design throughout Europe, we are able to offer over 300 highly skilled Design Engineers, CAD Specialists, Structural Engineers and Electrical Engineers to produce detailed design solutions, delivered centrally by our group teams and managed locally from Comvergent’s UK offices.

This design expertise and experience is not currently engaged in any UK programme, meaning our clients can quickly increase capacity.

To accompany this increase in design capability Comvergent has also increased our UK based specialist acquisition , access, estates management and town planning capacity.

This is just one of the many benefits we are excited to bring to new and existing clients as a result of joining Solutions 30.

Visit our services page to find out more about our turnkey offering.